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One of most mothers least favorite periods of time is the pregnancy itself. Besides the suffering involved, the limited lines of maternity loungewear available to them. Although it may seem like a minor complaint, some mothers take it as a personal affront. After all, they still need to entertain guests and they will be spending a lot of time laying around they need to be comfortable and ready for anything and current loungewear is usually not up to the task. Because of this women are always on the lookout for fashionable wear for those long months. 

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Maternity loungewear is in that weird area where it needs to be functional as well as well as fashionable. Most loungewear merely needs to comfortable looking good definitely helps, but it is purely secondary to the wearer being comfortable in any situation. With maternity wear there is the added requirement that it must also be able to deal with the imminent possibility of pregnancy as well. This makes for some interesting fashion although the stereotype is that the loungewear can be hideous, that stereotype is definitely in the past as designers have found that there is an audience for their work and that they are willing to show their appreciation.

Fashion designers have found that mothers have more disposable income than before making the designers more interested in them . Mothers are more willing to work during their pregnancy, meaning that they have more disposable income than before. Even the stay-at-home mothers are making more money as they run businesses from home, ranging from franchised businesses to freelancing. Also, women are also taking on more leadership roles with commensurate financial compensation. This additional income makes the designers more interested in making the mothers happy, and that means making maternity loungewear not only comfortable but also fashionable.

This means that fashions are hardly the grotesque monstrosities that women of prior generations had to choose between they no longer have to between the best of two ugly dresses. Women can now choose between options where both options actually look good. As more fashion designers get on board, this means that entire lines of maternity loungewear are being created that look great and are ready for anything that the maternity can throw at it, ranging from morning sickness to the pregnancy itself. As designers can take advantage of a wide variety of materials and designs, this makes for all sorts of options opening up for women ready for some new options.