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bella mama Compliments Motherhood

Motherhood is not easy, when women become pregnant they look different and they feel different. They eat more food, their bellies gloat and so do their bodies, and they have mood swings. Bella Mama's relaxing therapy range is for expectant women. The company offers herbal products that acts as skin nourishment lotions, these sooth and relax women who are expecting.

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The Product Range

The products serve as a relaxing therapy for women. The product range includes creams, lotions, sprays, salts and oils. The range comprises of herbal and natural products. The women can use them themselves or have someone massage their bodies so that they feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

The Belly Butter

The cream is made from chamomile and Calendula in deionized water, it contains other natural extracts that nourish and replenish the skin making the stretch marks disappear. The cream reduces itchiness and brings radiance to the skin. The cream comes in three different scents lavender, sweet orange and mandarin.

Foot Salt

The foot salt soothes sore feet and removes dry skin. One can add it to a tub of water for a pedicure at home. It is the best natural product that relieves tension in muscles and eliminates dead skin making feet smooth and soft.

Face and Body Spray

The product comes in different aromas, the scents are simply relaxing. Women can spray them all over their bodies to feel fresh and cool. Women also spray the scented water to their faces and wipe them off to reduce uneasiness.

Beauty and Pregnancy

Many women feel that they lose hair and become ugly when they get pregnant not only do they become fat but their feet get sore, their breasts look odd, some start developing dry skin and some develop marks over their bodies near the belly and breast area.

Many women face complications when they become pregnant, a massage or a spa treatment meant for expectant mothers makes them feel great. It actually works wonders on their bodies, after a massage a pregnant woman's skin glows, it feels smooth and supple, and she starts liking herself because she looks attractive and beautiful. Expectant mothers who look beautiful tend to believe that pregnancy suits them and many like the idea of getting pregnant.

Pregnancy is a time when a woman feels the joy of becoming a mother, many women look forward to having babies. A woman during that period feels itchy, drowsy, hungry and sore if she does not take proper care of herself. Bella Mama offers products to pamper women, a woman can buy these items for herself and use them during and after her pregnancy and people can also give them away as gifts during baby showers.